Intui-chi Training

- vibrate together -



11. - 12. Juli |  15. - 16. August | 19. - 20. September

09.00 - 18.00 Uhr (90min lunch break)


• intuitive energy work

• basics of sound therapy

• development of trust and intuition

• personal development of your own potential

• how to become a therapist

• self healing

• and more...



Intui-Chi is a combination of energy work, sound therapy and spiritual teaching.


Energy is a part of our daily life. it is in us, in nature, in the sounds, in the air, in your environment ... literally everywhere. And everyone without exception is able to use it.


Based on your intuition and intention, you will discover how to embody your full potential of self-healing for your own personal development as well as for becoming an intuitive therapist.

We will learn how to perceive and channel the universal vital energy and transmit it through our hands with the power of pure intention.


With this we can align the flow of energy in the body and identify the different blockages within the energy body of ourself and others. We will work with the chakras and the different layers of our aura.

Furthermore we will discuss the psychological aspects of being a therapist and how to interact with your clients.


We will discuss other ways to use this energy through vibration and sound.

For this you will be introduced in the basics of sound therapy with

powerful tools such as Tibetan singing bowls, tuning forks and the most powerful instrument of all: your own voice. You will be able to create your own sound family, the base of your individual instrumental tools, which will accompany you on your therapeutic journey.


At the end of this training everyone will be able to start their own path of becoming a therapist with all the tools for developing your awareness and understanding.

This training is designed to leave all concepts beside, to get out of the usual boxes for being free to let yourself guide by your own potential of intuition.


No experience is necessary aswell you don´t need to be musician.

Be just you ...



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86150 Augsburg




Total price: 750€

Deposite 150€ with sign in





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About Vincent:

Vincent is certified sound therapist and Reiki Master teacher, as well as self-taught musician and composer. He developed after long years of experience his own understanding of combining different forms of energy work. His concept is based on intuition, intention and vibration of the sound combined with the trust in yourself and your own potential of self healing. Vincent has a medical and psychological education and found in the combination with spirituality and energetic work his own practice. He is teaching regularly Reiki of all certified levels and will create his own intuitive healing training for 2020.


Together with his partner Laura Klocke he founded LauraMa –

sustainable Lifestyle, Sound & Yoga. They created Yin Emotional Sound Yoga, a combination of sound therapy and yin yoga. They are teaching classes, workshops and trainings in Germany and are part of international yoga festivals.